Monday, May 17, 2010

My Nemesis Was Kind Enough to Pose for a Picture

(Kaybee Toys in Manhattan, November 2002).


TGP said...

What? No outstretched hand offering the option to "Come with me if you want to live?"

If you're the best we've got, the machines have already won.

Michael Caton said...

Motoo was the one who took the picture. If there was any kicking of cyborg ass to be had that day it was going to be him doing it, not me.

Motoo said...

It's funny how I don't remember taking the photo at all, though I do remember being there.

And you are wrong. There wouldn't be any cyber-ass-kicking by me. I would be the one who is able to run faster away from him.

Michael Caton said...

Don't lie. You wouldn't run. We both know you would be overcome with cyberlust. Titanium chassis! So hot!