Thursday, December 6, 2012

New Carcass in 2013

I'm really going to try not to build this up as the greatest thing that ever happened in metal and then be disappointed.  Much like post-Black Album Metallica, there's no chance it won't be good, it just might not be up to the standard of previous work.  Walker describes it as half Necroticism, half Heartwork, which is just about right.

While I'm at it, a personal Jeff Walker story:  when they first got together for a reunion tour, the only dates announced for quite a while were in Europe.  I put together a Myspace page (this was 2008) called "Carcass Come to the States" or something, and had people signing up for it to show that the market was there.  I think in my online promotional genius I got a grand total of 65 people to sign up for it.  Eventually they announced U.S. dates and I went to see them at House of Blues in LA.  I waited outside the venue and eventually Jeff came out (pics of me with Jeff and Bill below).  I mentioned to him that I was the guy that started the Myspace page.  "Oh right," he said as this picture was being taken, "you got all of 65 people to sign up.  Yeah, that's why we decided to come to the States."  Ten seconds later, he left with easily the cutest chick that had signed up on said page.  Frustratingly, I never did find out what this successful second career was that he had after Carcass.  Earlier he'd responded by email "I test blast beasts on laboratory animals."

Bill was much more mellow, and when I told him I liked the first Firebird record he said he was amazed anybody had ever even heard of it.

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