Wednesday, December 12, 2012

An Experiment To Test The Simulation Argument

It boils down to whether high energy photons (cosmic rays) travel preferentially along any axes of the simulation, so that there is anisotropy relative to the axes.  (Further explanation here.)  If such anisotropy exists, then we are in a simulation.

Suppose that next week they do the experiment, and it provides an unambiguous result that we are in a simulation.  What then?  It seems that we still can't conclude we are being simulated intentionally by some kind of agent, let alone the nature of those agents, what their intentions are, or what we should do differently as a result.  It would seem to follow that we should try to obtain information about the "metaverse" beyond the PlayStation that we're living in, but how that differs in terms of our current actions from the impact of (for example) a complete Standard Model, I'm not sure.


Grego said...

What then? You even ask? What then is, the experimenters end the simulation and we're all toast. Therefore we all must actively impede any advance in research on this specific topic! I will begin by poisoning your brain with ethanol.

Michael Caton said...

You have attempted same in the past. And each time I had the wisdom to accept my fate gracefully.