Monday, March 28, 2011

Middle Eastern Metal Is Coming. Are We Ready?

Recently Boing Boing reported that Bahrainis were feeling "triumphant, warlike, metal" based on their top download, Fates Warning "Ivory Gate of Dreams" from Somehow I had grown up a son of late 80s/early 90s metal without listening to much Fates Warning. Because of Bahrainis' enthusiasm, I have corrected this. So now Middle Eastern metal kids, you're influencing the rest of us. With your newfound freedom you must pursue the one sure path to enlightenment: METAL! Maybe it will be Middle Eastern metal that saves the rest of the world from the encroaching metal Dark Age.

And it occurs to me that in simultaneous service to freedom and metal, the metalheads of the free world should start checking out Middle Eastern metal. Without further ado, here's what I done found. (If you know of any others please comment.)

- The Voice of Metal in Bahrain on Facebook
- General rock and metal site on Facebook

EGYPT: A whole sh*tload at

IRAN: There's a whole frickin blog of Persian metal bands.

IRAQ: Acrassicauda of course! (Here on Facebook too.) (5/29/11 at Brick by Brick in San Diego!)

JORDAN: Bilocate

LIBYA: Disrooting

OMAN: Arabia (that's the name of the band)

PAKISTAN: somebody put together a video summarizing their 10 favorite Pakistani metal bands.

SAUDI ARABIA: Crossroads Arabia, SA death metal magazine

SYRIA: Trendkill

TUNISIA: Barzakh

YEMEN: couldn't find any! Do you know of some? Let me know!

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