Sunday, March 27, 2011

Behold: Unicron, i.e. Wesley Willis

The fast-paced ones were always more fun.

Seriously, think of the similarities between the two:

- Hates Batman
- Eats whole planets ("I'm sorry that I got fat")
- You need to leave them alone with your war-hell-ride punk
- Was destroyed by the Autobot Matrix of Leadership

Even if every human being who knows both references reads this post I still think the audience is around twelve people.

Sadly I must admit to having seen Wesley Willis perform, in 2001 at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco. I say "sadly" because of my motivation, which was the same as everyone else's at that show. Imagine a room packed with white urban alterna-types in their late 20s. People went crazy cheering when he went on stage. Somewhere around the fourth song I looked around and noticed people looking sad and bored ("Wow, my irony isn't protecting me from realizing that I just paid to be amused by the incoherence of a mentally ill man, and now I'm just sad and bored." At least that's the reaction I was having.) Maybe a tenth of the crowd stayed for the full show. I was going to go get my head-butt before the show but he got a little too rough with some of the people in front of me in line so I decided not to.


Anonymous said...

I meet wesley at a kinkos on lemoyne n north ave he was a very great man. i remember his black converse shoes . I talk about him every day. GOD take care of him He has shoe laces in HEAVEN!!! I LOVE U MR. WILLIS LOVE TJ tammy limon. R.I.P I WILL NEVER FORGET YOU . The house of blues . We were there not bad for someone afraid of of you. Wish u were here so i can tell u how i feel

Anonymous said...


Michael Caton said...

Wait, don't go! Now that the two Wesley Willis-Transformer crossover fans have found each other on the internet, surely we can't throw away our futures together!

Michael Caton said...

Anonymous, I missed your comment - was for some reason in the spam folder! This has sent me on a war hell ride.