Thursday, December 23, 2010

Early 70s Rock and Chaco Canyon

I finally saw Chaco Canyon in New Mexico yesterday (pictures here). One of the main complexes is called Chetro Ketl. I don't know what language the name is from, but just the sound of the first word* had me wandering around the ruins, humming Aqualung.

The Anasazi sites were abandoned by ancient Puebloans around the time (but not necessarily because of) the arrival of Na-Dene speakers (i.e. the Navajo/Apache common ancestor). It's thought that maybe the Na-Dene speakers contributed to the end of classic Pueblo civilization with warfare and cannibalism - here is a book whose title begins with "Man Corn". Can a book with "Man Corn" in the title really be bad? Consequently I edited the lyrics to "Sitting in a kiva...Eyeing Puebloans with bad intent". See, there's your rock-n-roll anthropology crossover reference for the day.

Cheeri-o then old chap!

*I do this a lot and I have become concerned that this constitutes clanging.

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