Friday, January 25, 2013

Markov Metal!

More on Markov chains here. These lyrics were (more or less) written by a computer; I was only the editor. If you're dubious that this counts as computer-lyric: could someone really write these in 15 minutes?

I generated them using the following as input: Metallica albums Kill 'Em All through the Black Album; Megadeth Peace Sells through Cryptic Writings; and Slayer Reign in Blood through Seasons in the Abyss. I then curated the best sentences and arranged it so it vaguely rhymed. I used this Markov site (and a synonym site for the title).  You'll see a familiar phrase every so often and if you really squint, you can kind of force a narrative coherence on some of the verses.  But be honest, is it really that much less coherent or borderline plagiarist than most metal lyrics?

A better metal-song generator would include song structure as well.  I'd like to do this for riff generation too but I've already wasted enough of my (and your) time.  Enjoy!


I hunger penniless
What might be unsteady
The flag of fire bursting with bated breath
The priest that they'll set free

When twilight blanket's welcome
But still has disappeared
But who's to cry out to each other again
Just leave you see it's crystal clear

Make a familiar face tomorrow, blackened
Dismembered destiny
A New World Order comes back
In bomb shelters filled with loneliness

I don't tread on your soul
Dethrone the word as bad omens in
Lie to myself, the murder's complete
There's nothing else I wonder as the past begins again

Come walk with fire with needles
This is an insane game
But I'll get caught up dead
My mother put him in like rain

Won't hesitate to take some crazy shit has passed
And the Reasons that cleanse you
Where I've seen it rise
Step outside in silent agony within you

Blistering of your mind
There's no more than my time has been stricken by bloodshed
Move can't  you want desire
Life overturned, spanning the God.

Now no mercy for you
Part of life is no remorse
The wall down now
No IOU's, forgotten children

Shortest Straw has found me
Iron fist coming Down in Vanity
Exploiting their Appetite they fury
We want the war to support the heavens to be

If you committed me
I can't feel velocity
Taken my name and reality
What evil I set free

Anonymous existence rendered useless
At the tone of war dreams
A child to recall, the night fall
Souls of machinegun fire screaming

When death staring down
Soon You will be done
Another fight to save the word
We go on the undead altar and beg salvation

Chill your life, I deal in hell
To cut off through the swords
Kept restrained, disapprobation, but you try again
No end until I miss the creations of sacrifice curse

Bones of placid faces
The basis of clay now to be
I burn deep down thinking its done
Feeling the Part of blood

Stretching out on numbered days,
Fragments of pain
To slay all this kingdom of the sound of arms
I can't say back somehow your master plan of war

Hear my head against the stake you'd crush me
I'll Take No recess and smashing your steeds
Kills the sheep, you feed me
Trust me luck deserted me

No deed or dying soul could it come to me
Welcome to kill, not see more seriously
Memories can't believe
Experience pleasures of misery

Voices oppress like the number that is the need
The destroyer born faceless without eyes and sweat
We lied to live again

Killing, you raise the school of life
Just empty gun fire
A plan of Living drives you through your life
While you're fighting to lie

As soon you'll do lying dying time
Foreclosure of the hatred comes Burning inside
like a couple grains of demise
Seeking life

Will I know it to be written
Now you're next to kill a kiss
Shouting to begin whipping
On judgment day looking back to live

I realize you see how to live
For you hear evermore you've lost my soul
Fire so grim, I say you will kill
I can subdue but me through the shadows

Eternally rot amidst the gods
As I see won't take my soul without
I am stalking the things are a god
Don't pay dying one, command you for now

Oh so far beyond the needle
Diffused compulsions
I don't care
Bombard 'till submission

No repent, we are no end of sleeping in blood
So be looking back to mankind strapped in
Peace find in blood possessed with hell
Upending the way across the end

The kingdom of puppets
Another child draws near Inferno's coming
Dying to each other lover
The rising immortal in the hour from the dark.
I'm stoned 

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