Saturday, November 24, 2012

Fear Factory, Zero Signal (Demanufacture, 1995)

The bridge section just after 3:00 is excellent.  Fast and not wholly atmosphere electronic elements are an element that FF didn't explore nearly enough.

They were also characterized by a machine-like square-edged always divisible-by-4 rhythm figures, stripping down to metal's basic mechanic of rhythm guitar + drum in a way that Helmet never truly captured. (For my money, the intro to Slave Labor from 2004's Archetype may represent some fundamental awesome limit in this regard.) That said, this was sometimes boring, and a lot of intervening time was what in pseudo-German is called angerfiller, leaving us waiting for these awesome bridge sections. For more of those, see 3m20s in Pisschrist, also on Demanufacture, or 2h43s in Archetype.

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