Thursday, May 17, 2012


I haven't been this excited about a new movie since Black Swan.  Or Jackass 2.  Seriously though, it's marked on my calendar, which I never do with movies.

My fear:  I hope it's more than just "aliens came to Earth long ago, put some heiroglyphs around as a message, and use our ability to travel in space as a marker to exterminate us!"  That's been done, many times.

Maybe it's just that this theme has never been done well in a film.  And that's a problem of the medium itself that even Maestro Scott can't overcome:  to communicate complex and/or novel ideas, you need lots of exposition, which you really can't do in film, unless you have a Star Wars style crawl that lasts 20 minutes or an Ayn Rand type info-dump.  Of course when you're watching a movie, the satisfaction is much more in the presentation.  Giger contributed, but the alien itself (the big one, not the face-huggers) will not make an appearance.

I will leave my high expectations in place.  Dammit, this is the prequel to Alien.

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