Saturday, May 28, 2011

Che Cafe and Other San Diego Metal Updates

1) Che Cafe at UCSD is awesome and has metal and hardcore acts. If you're in San Diego you should go there. Of course I haven't been able to make it even though it's all of 300 yards from my part of the campus. Recent visitors:

Dead in the Dirt
Run With the Hunted (they have a song called Occam's Razor so they have to be cool)
Children of God
Fed to the Wolves

Other local metal/hardcore resources:

I saw on their Twitter feed that Che Cafe got shut down last night due to a noise complaint. Really? From who?! It wasn't a metal show but that still sucks because it sets a precedent. Maybe they out to complain about the auditorium up the hill from them.

2) Of course Iraqi-American metal maniacs Acrassicauda are coming tomorrow to Brick by Brick on the 29th! Really wish I could go to this so if you're reading this, YOU go, and I'll live vicariously through you.

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