Monday, November 15, 2010

Pluto & Methane-Flavored Cupcakes = Delicious

To a certain reader I say: akana mukav, tut le devlesa. Classmate Kadee bet me that Pluto had blue methane snow on it, with the stakes being a cupcake (a tasty one, as it turned out.) It doesn't (look it up) but she wasn't satisfied about this until she had besmirched the name of our institution and medical students in general by bothering noted astronomers with this question. (Really, she really did email and harass these people. Shameful.) But it appears she has learned the hard way that you never go in against a Dutchman, when cupcakes are on the line!

But now that I have tasted blood I call on others who dare think they can match my astro-trivia wit! I will take on all challengers! But my first act will be to unseat the would-be Astro-Geek Boy-King, the one called Yang. I have heard the peasants speak his name in hushed tones, but I am not afraid! Bring him to me, and I will drive his livestock before me and hear the lamentations of the women!

Above: Yang the Terrible. He will not look so impressive once the topic turns to the subtle nuances of Kuiper Belt Objects.


you're the besmircher said...

Oh Michael Caton--you can take your methane-flavored cupcake fart face and go suck an egg.

ps Noted astronomers love receiving email from me!!!!!

Michael Caton said...

Oh yeah? Well you have butt poop with stupid farto crap.

That was Kant's famous rebuttal to Hume. Get it? ReBUTTal.

TGP said...

Gee, I was going to go for a Yang/Wang dichotomy gag, but you guys are way ahead of me.

Michael Caton said...

As it turns out I've been trying to come up with a good pun on Yang's name and it's a lot harder than it seems it should be. Yangbanger is about the best I've done so far. Ones based on the Tao usually fall flat ("Hey, are you light-colored and unyielding, har har!")