Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Play D&D, Meet Fast Women, Go to Hell

Jack Chick does it again with another hilarious comic - this time about Dungeons and Dragons!

The full tract in all its goofiness can be found here.

There are problems with Mr. Chick's tract, not least of which that in his fantasy world a) there seem to be many females involved with playing D&D, and b) that players of paper-based RPGs is not exactly an exploding demographic in 2010. If this is how Satan is tempting children, then he's stuck in the 80s. Also, please tell me where the hot witch ladies are who are playing D&D so I can go play D&D with them right now. They certainly weren't around in my middle school. Unless you count TGP's mom. ZING!

Also: when the bad deity has Peter Cullen's voice, he can't be that bad.


TGP said...

Don't be stupid Debbie! That comic was from 1984! That was the year I ran "The Lost City" at your house.

Michael Caton said...

I still remember being puzzled by your comment "your elf hears a hissing noise", which turned out to be deadly gas. Sadly my college roommates often heard the same noise, with the same result.