Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Now THAT, Sir, is a Deathlands Collection

Look at this goddamn picture:

Eat your heart out TGP. Behind that stack of Deathlands books is a whole other set of Deathlands books. I mean holy Key-rist on a hard roll. That anyone would admit to owning all of them but one (!) is amazing; the guilty party is none other than a certain Vancouver resident who goes by the alias of M'Aliceand was my nemesis in this tale of epic battle. I took about 600 pictures on my recent swing through the Pacific Northwest and Canadian Rockies and this might be the most excellent one.


TGP said...

"...and behind that set of Deathlands books is a panga knive and a SigSauerP226."

Unless you can finish your sentence like that, you can just fuck right off, mutie.

Michael Caton said...

The owner of the collection says that this blog is a seething hell-pit of malware (so his browser insists) so unfortunately I don't know if he'll see this exchange.