Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hot Metal Tips

Yakuza has a few chunky bits (or firm meaty chunks as the case may be - that's for Carcass fans.) The tracks Egocide and Praying for Asteroids are nice. Cancer of Industry has a nice intro. They incorporate saxophones well; most metal leaves you with the impression that they like the idea of innovating and want approval but just paste the instruments in without much thought so they can say "hey, there's a saxophone in our song! We're original!" but they don't do anything with it. Not these guys - the sax belongs in the song.

And speaking of Carcass, as much as I love those bastids and all related projects, the saxophone in Rock and Roll Circus from Blackstar really sounds like an afterthought by people who didn't know how to record horns and barely knew how to play one.

Also, there's Ov, by Orthrelm. Trying to figure out whether the piece is heading toward some kind of climax (one song is ~45 minutes long) recapitulates the experience of trying to fathom whether a fireworks display is coming to its conclusion.

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